Core Values

CORE VALUES – guide our behavior and judgments and how we accomplish the mission of Mending Hearts

IDENTITY We will walk in the knowledge and the freedom of being sons of God.

INTEGRITY We demonstrate Godly character maintaining transparency and authenticity in all that we do financially, and in relationships with each other and our community.

HOLINESS We endeavor to maintain a consistent standard of walking in purity and live separated from anything that causes us to sin.

HONOR We will extend compassion, grace, and forgiveness to others and without judgement demonstrate through humility the love of Jesus Christ.

UNITY We endeavor to bridge age and cultural gaps and bring into harmony views and perspectives that do not stray from biblical standards

SAFETY We standby the conviction that all who attend our church will be physically and emotionally safe without question

LOYALTY We faithfully serve with excellence and remain committed to each other; those God calls to serve at Mending Hearts along with the appointed leadership.

DISCIPLESHIP/TRAINING We strive to mentor and inspire others to develop a regimen of in ongoing spiritual growth and development

REST We will provide opportunities for individuals, married couples and families to find rest through the Sabbath and ministry sabbaticals

STEWARDSHIP recognizing that God owns it all, we give generously out of our increase and will utilize and manage all resources sown for the glory of God.