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Power Institute

Mending Hearts Kingdom Church Presents…

Power Institute is here to empower, encourage, uplift, and catapult God’s people into their respective callings and assignments.

Power Institute consists of 5 Topics and Sessions.

We will be kicking off our first session on April 23rd and 24th with Intercession: The Day and Life of an Intercessor.

The following sessions are as follows:

  • Marketplace Revival: July 9th-10th
  • Hermeneutics & Homiletics: Interpreting Scripture: September 17th-18th
  • iLead: The Making of a Leader: October 29th-30th
  • Living in the Supernatural: November 19th-20th

And the best part, there’s a discount price when you register for ALL 5 SESSIONS by April 23rd! There are tickets available to participate from your home on Zoom as well. This is going to be amazing. We cannot wait to see you there! Get your tickets now! To purchase tickets please access the link in our Instagram bio or the information section on Facebook.